Why I Will Be Walking the #SlutWalk

1 Apr
  1. SlutWalk started on April 3, 2011 in Toronto, Canada, as a protest march reclaiming the word ‘slut’ and against instances of rape and sexual harassment being correlated to women’s appearance, clothes and behaviour (victim-blaming). It quickly spread across major cities of the world.
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    Slut Walk London 2011 Part 1 *WeAreChange*
    Sun, Apr 10 2011 17:12:02
  3. What appeals to me about this campaign is the way it addresses the dichotomous and paradoxical way women’s sexuality is conceptualized in society. But not everyone agrees.

  4. The argument that SlutWalk is a privileged woman’s campaign and does not deal with issues women on the other side of the class, race and national barrier face has been raised quite often. I think the fact that these issues are raised in publications and commentaries that emphasize the lingerie-flaunting dress code many women marchers choose to adhere to in these marches is not coincidental. Once again the focus of the conversation around a campaign pushing women’s liberation is appearance and dress-code.
    Think ‘blue stockings’ in the late 18th century, ‘bra-burners’ in the sixties and the stereotype of ‘the feminist’ as a slouchy, ‘ugly’ woman with a harelip and a severe manner. The conversations around these campaigns have always been about ‘Look, what these crazy privileged women are doing, they are making a spectacle of themselves. Someone else will have to solve the real, serious issues with more sense and decorum’.
    The issue of the way women dress (or behave) being problematized (or women dressing ‘provocatively’) in the public sphere is exactly what SlutWalk is against. I have discussed its manifestation in workplace dress codes in a blogpost, see below:
  5. This is the problem. (I apologize to the people in this photo for using this image to make a point without consulting with them about their motives, which might have been in alignment with SlutWalk marchers or entirely innocent.)

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    RT @sadydoyle: Really captures the whole experience. RT @bmichael: Creepy old shirtless guy taking photos of #slutwalk http://instagr.am/p/OxS-F/
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 11:29:05
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    Hahahaha all these guys are staking out the #slutwalk until they see tits
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 14:05:11
  8. And the worst part is that the women marching in SlutWalk are blamed for ‘creating’ this spectacle. Blame it on Eve!

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    RT @tamigorodetzer: Because we live in a society that teaches “don’t get raped” instead of “don’t rape” #slutwalk #2012 #appstate
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:50:27

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